Cisco Premier Partner

Our Cisco Partner Designations


  • DIR (DIR-TSO-4167)
Texas Department of Information Resources

Working with a Cisco Premier Partner

There are several benefits to working with a Certified Cisco partner, such as the opportunity for promotional pricing, access to knowledgeable and certified staff, customized service, and a direct line to Cisco’s resources. Certified partners are granted promotional pricing from Cisco and pass the savings onto customers. Certified partners also have knowledgeable and certified staff, including account managers, designers, and engineers, who have been trained and certified by Cisco. Working with a Cisco partner also allows for customized service, as they are familiar with the customer’s network and needs. Additionally, partners provide a direct line to Cisco’s resources and knowledge, and can even bring in Cisco’s sales and tech teams for demos of new products. Overall, working with a Cisco partner provides the best experience when purchasing Cisco products.

These partners are required to go through a stringent certification process, including sales, design, and field engineer certifications, which ensures that they are knowledgeable about what they are selling and able to design and implement the appropriate solutions for clients. In addition, working with a local Cisco partner can provide more personalized service and a better understanding of a client’s network architecture and needs. Through a Cisco partner, clients also have access to Cisco’s knowledge and training, as well as the opportunity to demo new technology.