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Tanaz Choudhury

Tanaz Choudhury

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Power with Purpose!

As a serial entrepreneur, I am passionate about aligning Education with Entrepreneurship.

I believe that Collaboration is the key to success. With over 2 decades of experience and expertise in award winning business processes and alignments, we deliver IT excellence to our Clients in the SMB, Commercial, Enterprise and SLED (State/ Local Governments and Education) verticals.

As a passionate leader, I manage and align expectations and deliveries to maximize growth for our Clients with a win-win focus.

What amazes me is the “Human Connection”. People collect Things … I collect People. I am an avid collector of people( personal and professional friends and acquaintances )…and My Superpower lies in my collection!

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Chesley Choudhury, Chairman & Founder

Chesley Choudhury

Chairman & Founder
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Our Success Our Clients’ Success

I founded TanChes in 1998 with one singular focus Client Success! I firmly believe that our own success is directly proportional to that of our clients’ success, and I have made it my mission to ensure that the entire team at TanChes understands and embraces this principle.

Prior to founding TanChes, I was the Chief Graphics Designer and then IT director of a Global Plastics Manufacturing company that worked with brands like Disney, Virgin Atlantic etc. I learned there that technology service integration from core to edge was key to an organization’s success.

As the technology leader at TanChes, I have been a key influencer in the technology strategy and direction of many small businesses, enterprise clients, educational institutions and several Cities in Texas.

Throughout my career…

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