“TanChes has always been there for us as a company and has been an integral part of our Growth and Success over the last decade.  The TanChes Team is dedicated and engaged in the success of our Business and helped us grow from 20 users to over 200.  The true test of the level of Services provided can be measured in the 99% up-time that our Business and our Network has experienced.

Even in case of an emergency Fire, the TanChes ownership and staff were proactive and the disaster recovery steps put in place were executed with precision and accuracy to get us functional within 24 hours.  This was a truly herculean task and we appreciate the loyalty and dedication that TanChes brought in at our time of need.

The TanChes Team put in countless hours, days, nights and weekends and serviced our growing needs with expert aptitude and a great attitude!”

Sylvia Quan, Firm AdministratorQuan, Burdette & Perez, P.C.